Wednesday, January 20, 2010

American Politics...

After following the Massachusetts Senate race, and all the ranting and raving that accompanied it, I am compelled to point out that for the last 20 years we have been victim to the dumbing down of american politics. I am consistenly amazed that noone seems to say anything about that. We should hold our elected leaders to a much higher standard than what they are currently held to. Why should we be forced to choose from the lesser of two evils?? I traditionally vote democrat, and I supported Obama during his campaign. I was very excited when he was elected, and hopefully optimistic when he was innaugurated. A year later I regret it wholeheartedly. That being said there was no way I was going to vote for McCain after he chose that psycho from Alaska as a running mate. So I ask, why the hell do we have to be put in that position?

We live in the greatest country on the planet, of that I have no doubt, so we should have the best and brightest to choose from. Administrations change, the Republican/Democrat majority/minorities change, politicians constantly call for change, and the current president won by touting change as his main motivation. Everyone is saying "I will change things" but nothing really changes. People place the blame on the politicians and it is time to start taking responsibility for our actions. The current state of affairs is not the fault of George Bush,Joe Biden, Barack Obama, or Dick is OUR FAULT! WE ALLOW IT TO HAPPEN BY ELECTING THESE PEOPLE! The apathy of the american voter is incredible. This is our country and politicians work for us not the other way around...It starts at the local level, and continues all the way up to the president. Get involved, hell run for office, do something! Stop allowing the morons (Republicans and Democrats) that run our country to do what they have been doing for years.