Monday, September 26, 2011

I Live in a Post Facebook World

While perusing Facebook this afternoon, I had the sudden realization that Facebook is really dumb. I just think that maybe there is more to life than the paragraph status updates that have substituted for friendship in the age of social networking. I was also bothered by the fact that I was starting to think of each experience as a status update. Breaking life down into short paragraphs is a disservice to life, and what passes for modern literature. Electronic vignettes scrolling down my screen with snippets of the daily experiences that my friends are having is no substitute for sitting down and having a conversation.

I recently had the pleasure of attending the weekend IOP beach party/wedding reception of an old friend. I spent an entire weekend connecting with people I love in the real world. I got to hear about the trials and tribulations of old friends, and interact with them face to face. We laughed, and talked about a pre computer life. We were all friends in the early 90's. Nobody had a cell phone, and the only computers we had were in the College of Charleston Library. These people became closer to me than family. We all happened to be in the same place during a time in our lives when each others company was a matter of survival. Being with them again evoked the same feeling of belonging I had when we all first came together. Made more special by the fact that I was able to share this experience with the woman I love.

Needless to say it was a special weekend. Considerably more special than reading a bunch of status updates and having that pass for a bonding experience. So I found myself reflecting upon that while I tried to navigate the significant changes in layout that the good folks at facebook saw fit to inflict upon us. As I read update after update complaining about the new look, I found myself growing amused and disgusted at the same time. Amused that this electronic opiate has changed the way society interacts, and disgusted that I was just as addicted as everyone else.

I would rather have real experiences, in the real world, with the people I love. Blogging gets a pass merely because it is a very convenient way to keep a journal. So my post facebook world begins. I feel a little like I am venturing into some post apocalyptic frontier, and I am sure I will have to get used to living my life the "old" pre-facebook way. I dont, however, think that will be much of a problem. Judging by the amount of laughter experienced with my old friends, I think I will slip back into my old lifestyle pretty easily.