Saturday, December 27, 2008

You motorboatin son of a bitch!!!!!!!!

I have a lot of time on my hands at work...a lot of time. So sitting in one spot for 12 hours at a time causes a mind to wander. My brother is coming back into LA tonight, and wants to go out. My team leader wants to go out as well, and another one of my coworkers opted to stay in. Without any prompting he asked about a famous strip club here in LA. Now I dont think we are planning on hitting a strip club (although I have no moral objections). But, it did start me thinking. The business relationship between a dancer and a customer may be the greatest business arrangement of all time. They have boobies, the customer wants to see boobies, and they charge a lot of money for that priveledge. Look at it purely from that standpoint (not taking into account issues associated with strip clubs) and it's a truly incredible business relationship. Boobies make people happy! Try saying the word boobies without cracking a smile. I bet you cant. Yell it...BOOBIES! I bet you smile. THe people around you might look at you funny, but I am sure that at least one person will smile as his or her mind starts to wander. I'm just sayin...boobies make people happy. Vince Vaughn uttered the lines.."Did you motorboat her...I bet you did you motorboatin son of a bitch" with a huge smile on his face, and everyone in the theater smiled as well. I know I am not the only one who feels this way...So lets all echo the sentiments of The Bloodhound Gang...Hooray For Boobies!!!!!!

Friday, December 19, 2008

My job...

I took a great deal of time off from my "real job". Enough time to realize a few things. One of the biggest realizations is that I enjoy being in one place leading a normal life. Right now my life is so far from normal that anyone reading this would not believe me. I spent 9 days in NYC watching a woman who was pushing 80 spend money like she printed it. All in cash as well! She had really refined shopping to an artform!
I am now in LA looking after a family I have looked after before. I spend 12 hours a night in a hallway just in case the protectee wants to go out. Her son had 2 cars delivered here today. The new Mclaren Mercedes, and a brand new ferrari. Paid for with cash! It is unfreaking believable I tell you. Over a million dollars in automobile paid for in cash. Seriously...a 610 thousand dollar that really necesary? Apparently in some circles it is.
I enjoy what I do but its time for me to move on. I miss Jamie terribly...I guess I am at a point in my life where I just really value what is important, and I have trouble tolerating the things that are not. It would be one thing if I was actually keeping someone safe...especially someone that deserved to have me keep them safe. But, I am not. In my younger days, when I first started in this business I would work anyone...anyone at all. I protected a lot of people that were not very nice. I try to stay away from that now. I tend to only protect people that have a significant threat, and have a need/desire for security. My current gig is nowhere close to current gig is purely for the money. And, right about now that is not a good enough reason for me.
So this time next year I want to have a new career. I want to do something that serves the greater good, and I dont want to be away from the person I love. I used to work all the time. I ignored everything but work, and my life fell apart. I worked hard to put a life back together, and the life I have is like nothing I could have ever imagined. I want to keep it that way.
So here it is in commitment to do something else. I want to read this a year from now, and smile as I am preparing for the holidays with Jamie in our place in New England. I dont want to be calling her from some distant location saying I wish I was there with you. Sharing happiness...that is what is important. That is my priority. After this job I dont think I wil be losing sight of that...