Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Roadtrips In Fast Cars...

"Hey man I think I am going to buy a Maserati and run the gumball rally"-Jason Grenevitch

That was the start of a casual conversation in Jason's office. I had no effing clue what the gumball rally was, so Jason hipped me to it, and we rolled out to a car dealership. I am the first to admit that I have a fairly surreal life. I have been to a lot of strange places, and have experienced A LOT of extraordinary things. Accordingly, I am not surprised by much. This was no exception.

As we gazed at an automotive masterpiece before us, Jason was already laying down the pros and con's of buying a Maserati. A little side note here...if you want someone to put forth a convincing argument for pretty much anything Jason Grenevitch is the guy to do it. Not being the one to pee on any ones parade, I egged him on enthusiastically. I really had no argument against it. He laid it out in a logical manner, and it all sounded great to me.

A week later I get a text... all it said was "In the driveway". Knowing exactly what it meant I laughed out loud. His argument was good enough for his wife so he bought the damn thing. Let me tell you...it is a GORGEOUS ride. Smooth lines, flawless interior, low miles...not flashy, it just exudes subtle confidence. A 400 plus HP machine that will easily exceed the 100mph mark without much of a strain. A car just as at home going full throttle on the open road, or cruising leisurely on Sunday afternoon with the family.

Cut to Feb 21, 2011

I get a text yesterday morning..."Google Gold Rush Rally". Fifteen minutes after I get the text, I get the call..." June, Denver to LA, 100 cars, we are in it!" I literally jumped up and down with excitement. So now I find myself preparing for an adventure that I never even imagined myself doing. I am going to take part in a rally that starts in Denver and ends in Los Angeles. Oh yeah there are stops in between...Park City, Vegas, Scottsdale, Los Angeles. Driving a high performance Italian luxury ride from Denver to LA, surrounded by 99 other exotic cars. It's not the Gumball, but it's definitely practice for the Gumball!

I should point out that my top three favorite movies when I was a kid were:

1. Star Wars (needs no explanation)
2. The Cannonball Run (Burt Reynolds, Dom Delouise)
3. Smokey and the Bandit (Burt Reynolds, Sally Field)

Notice that two of those movies have to do with fast cars and open road?? I told my brother Johnny about my latest adventure...his response " Are you going to dress like priests? "

SO that is how it comes to pass...We are going to be taking part in the 3rd Annual Gold Rush Rally from Denver to LA. We are driving Jason's Maserati Quattroporte, and I am quite sure that the experience will be second to none. I am definitely going to be posting more about this, and I am going to keep a daily online journal detailing our experiences. It is going to be CRAZY....